20-21 October 2021


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Digital Solutions Day

Currently, more than 500 TiCon installations are running and used by about 25,000 users worldwide. The Digital Solutions Day on 20.10.2021 focuses on the standard software of industrial engineering as an indispensable component of digital product and process planning, conveys the benefits of the technology partnership with Microsoft, SAP and Siemens Teamcenter and offers the opportunity for information and exchange. In the afternoon, we will go live to the EAWS International Symposium in Milan.

Your benefits:

  • On-site program
  • 24-Hour online program
  • Simultaneous translation (DE - EN)
Community Day

Community Day on 21.10.21 is all about Human Work – the work of people in the digital world. Experts from Germany, Europe and overseas will report on the best practice of MTM application in manufacturing, logistics and the process industry, highlight the area of tension between economics and ergonomics, discuss global education and training concepts as well as key elements of the production planning of the future. The event is aimed at specialists from the fields of production, administration, logistics, ergonomics and IT.

Your benefits:

  • On-site program
  • 24-Hour online program
  • Simultaneous translation (DE - EN)
Market place

In addition to the presentations and live sessions, MTM SUMMIT 2021 offers a wide range of opportunities for information, networking and entertainment:

  • Exhibition incl. live chats (on-site and online)
  • Expert talk on the MTM-HWD process building block system (online)
  • Hotline to your contact person in academy, consulting and software house (online)
  • Pre-bookable appointments (on-site)
  • Competition (online)
  • 24/2 accessibility of the entire online offer



The MTM SUMMIT 2021 is planned as a hybrid event. Online tickets are still available until 20.10.2021; unfortunately, the contingent of presence tickets has already been exhausted. The background to this is the Corona rules and the associated restrictions on-site.

The following pandemic rules apply for the on-site event in Hamburg
All participants must prove at the entrance (conference office) that they are fully vaccinated, recovered or tested negative – a quick test on site is not possible. Please note that from the third day of the event onwards, retesting is mandatory and a negative test result must be submitted again at the beginning of the day of the event.
A minimum distance of 1.50 m between seats applies in the conference rooms. Wearing a mouth-nose protection until you reach your seat is mandatory. This also applies to the public areas of the event location.
The catering and get-together will take place at fixed tables/seating areas. Here, too, the mask may only be removed at the seat.

Do you have any questions? Then simply send an e-mail to

Conference Schedule
* All times are local Berlin time.
Digital Solutions Approved by MTM – Efficient Product and Process Data Management Make a Difference
Frontliner: Reaching Previously Unreached ... or How to Engage All Employees [Keynote]
TiCon Customer Award
(Online only) Get in touch with HWD Developers
SESSION TiCon for Windows
Best Practice: "Ergo Balancing" in TiCon for Windows – Application & Outlook
Use of MTM Time Value Tables at the Interface to the "SAP Variant Configuration" Add-on
TiCon for SAP at Airbus Operations - From process harmonisation to automated time calculation [EN]
SESSION TiCon for Windows
Get in touch with "TiCon for Windows Development Team"
Get in touch with "TiCon for SAP Development Team"
(Online only) Get in touch with HWD Developers
SESSION Hands-on Windows
Fast but Exact Calculation of Offers with TiCon for Windows – a Practical Excursus
The Diverse Possibilities of Variant Handling on SAP – a Practical Excursus
Siemens’ Vision Regarding Simulation Authoring and Human Task Analysis Using VR [EN] [Keynote]
(Online only) Get in touch with HWD Developers
EAWS International Symposium (EIS) 2021 – Productivity New Age [EN]
Opener / Design for Digitization applied to Preventive Ergonomics of Cyclical Human Work in Manufacturing​: EAWS 2.0
Fostering EAWS as a global ergonomic standard by One-MTM’s integrated approach
Exoskeleton & Ergonomics
Integrated Production Process Planning with TiCon for Teamcenter
Productivity Management Platform: the EMEA Google cloud solution
VW IE Work of the Future 2025
LEST – Leonardo Ergo Standard Time Corporate Program
Q&A Closing EIS
Session MTM-Easy
Time Determination Fast and Easy – from Kitchen to Factory Floor
* All times are local Berlin time.
TIME TO WIN with Digitization of Human Work Design [Keynote]
SESSION Ergonomics
Productive and healthy work with MTM
How Ergonomically does Germany Work? A Position Assessment
Pain & Gain in Ergonomics – Training Concepts 4.0 @Neff
Ergonomics and MTM in Lean Manufacturing Systems – Improving Processes, Quality, Safety, Productivity [EN]
Automated MTM Analysis for Efficient Evaluation with High Process Variance @REWE (Austria)
(Online only) Get in touch with HWD Developers
Human-centered Digitization on Shop Floor
Dissemination of MTM as a Partner of One-MTM Network [EN]
MTM-Motion – The Bridge Between Digitally Recorded Motion Data and MTM Analysis
SESSION One-MTM / MTM Training
Introduction to One-MTM Training [EN]
In-house Bosch Instructors Qualify Employees Worldwide in Local Language – Operated by One-MTM [EN]
BMW utilizes One-MTM network in China [EN]
(Online only) Get in touch with HWD Developers
Beyond Time and Motion Studies – Enhancing MTM ​with Digital Twins and Data Science [EN] [Keynote]
MTM-HWD in Practical Use in Volkswagen Group – Insights and Outlooks
SESSION One-MTM / MTM Application
Introduction to MTM Application by One-MTM [EN]
Well-designed Production Lines @Bosch – What It Means and How MTM Contributes [EN]
MTM in Manufacturing: Productivity Tools that Deliver Considerable ROI [EN]
ema speaks HWD – the New MTM Process Language as a Simulation Result
Head of Assembly Planning and Assistance Systems @Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH

Human-centered digitization on the shop floor – for and with the company, for and with people!

Marius Geibel
Product Manager @item Industrietechnik GmbH

Work smarter, not harder. Ergonomics is a key factor for economic sustainability.

Rui Silva
Project Manager @Bosch Industry Consulting
The use of MTM makes work healthier and more productive, creating an inseparable link between work that is ergonomically well designed and economically efficient.
Nergül Piskin
Lead Expert in MTM and Ergonomics @Bosch San.Ve Tic. A.S.

Via well structured training concept we can ensure the efficiency of the MTM applications on site, resulting in not only cost benefit but also improvements in ergonomics.

Peter Kuhlang

In the digital planning world, we can simulate almost everything – what we lack is the objective, digital interpretation of human movements from a temporal and ergonomic point of view. This only works with the MTM process language.

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The MTM SUMMIT 2021 is planned as a hybrid event. Online tickets are still available until 20.10.2021; unfortunately, the contingent of presence tickets has already been exhausted. The background to this is the Corona rules in force at the Hamburg venue and the associated restrictions on site.

NO – not automatically. To attend MTM SUMMIT 2021, you must purchase a ticket in the ticket section at Currently, we offer 2 types of online tickets: the NEWCOMER ticket and the 24/2 ticket, both tickets for virtual participation in the event. The NEWCOMER ticket gives you free access to the day’s keynotes. With the 24/2 ticket you have access to all presentations and the entire social program such as Marketplace and Chat around the clock.

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