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This was the MTM SUMMIT 2022


19-20 October 2022


Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg
Beim Alten Gaswerk 3
22761 Hamburg

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mtm summit 2022
Digital Solutions Day

Currently, more than 500 TiCon installations are running and used by about 25,000 users worldwide. The Digital Solutions Day on 20.10.2021 focuses on the standard software of industrial engineering as an indispensable component of digital product and process planning, conveys the benefits of the technology partnership with Microsoft, SAP and Siemens Teamcenter and offers the opportunity for information and exchange. In the afternoon, we will go live to the EAWS International Symposium in Milan.

Your benefits:

  • On-site program
  • 24-Hour online program
  • Simultaneous translation (DE - EN)
Community Day

Community Day on 21.10.21 is all about Human Work – the work of people in the digital world. Experts from Germany, Europe and overseas will report on the best practice of MTM application in manufacturing, logistics and the process industry, highlight the area of tension between economics and ergonomics, discuss global education and training concepts as well as key elements of the production planning of the future. The event is aimed at specialists from the fields of production, administration, logistics, ergonomics and IT.

Your benefits:

  • On-site program
  • 24-Hour online program
  • Simultaneous translation (DE - EN)
Market place

In addition to the presentations and live sessions, MTM SUMMIT 2021 offers a wide range of opportunities for information, networking and entertainment:

  • Exhibition incl. live chats (on-site and online)
  • Expert talk on the MTM-HWD process building block system (online)
  • Hotline to your contact person in academy, consulting and software house (online)
  • Pre-bookable appointments (on-site)
  • Competition (online)
  • 24/2 accessibility of the entire online offer


The MTM community meets!

At MTM SUMMIT 2022 – International Human Work Forum, everything revolves around the design of human work, standardized procedures and innovative digital solutions. No matter what turbulence companies are exposed to these days, nobody can avoid more efficiency in product and process as well as ergonomically designed workplaces as a cost factor. This time we focused on the topic of "Lean Work" in the program of lectures and also in the accompanying exhibition.

The event is again planned as a hybrid event - in the Hotel Gastwerk in Hamburg and via live stream on In order to make it easier for as many interested parties as possible to access information and exchange experiences nationally and internationally, the online ticket is free of charge this year.

We will also be offering a simultaneous German/English translation on both days.

We look forward to seeing you at the MTM SUMMIT on October 19th and 20th, 2022!

*If there are again restrictions on holding the on-site events in autumn, the relevant provisions of the location in Hamburg will apply. Please note the cancellation conditions for your individual travel booking.

Conference Schedule
All times are Berlin local time
Conference Language: German / Simultaneous Translation: English (EIS only in English)
Lean Work – digital, efficient, ergonomic [Keynote]
Lean before digital with consistent standardization to intelligently networked IE systems
Lean Assessment with MTM-Easy®
Sensor-based efficiency and ergonomics analysis with Motion-Mining
Reducing workloads with active exoskeletons  potential in application
Lean was yesterday: Adaptive work systems as a way out of the demographic trap [Keynote]
SESSION: Evergreen, pop star, dream of the future – where do we really stand when it comes to lean?
EAWS International Symposium (EIS) 2022 – How digital technology is impacting Ergonomics, from work design to risk mapping [EN]
Opening: we deal with Social sustainability (ESG) [EN]
EAWS software Certification to Taktiq AssemblySuite [EN]
Exoskeletons certification: why and how? [EN]
Open challenges and research for automatic assessment of the biomechanical workload [EN]
Motion analysis: modern technologies, assessment tools, pro&cons / postures [EN]
Data Utilisation: Using Real-Time Feedback of Motion Capture Data in Industry [EN]
Productivity Management Platform: an integrated process to manage productivity and ergonomics from planning to execution [EN]
From work design to ergonomic risk mapping [EN]
Closing [EN]
All times are Berlin local time
Conference Language: German / Simultaneous Translation: English (EIS only in English)
Digital solutions for efficient product and process data management
Automatic generation of cycle time analyses with MTM-HWD® in TiCon
Personnel requirements planning with parallelism in SAP
Managing productivity in indirect areas
VR and MTM in the design of the DEHN work systems of the future
SESSION: MTM analyses from digital data – how much potential is there in the new technologies?
Icing on the Cake: thinking brightly about the future

Extra Online offers

The entire program of the two-day MTM SUMMIT 2022 can be followed online via live stream on summit.mtm.orgin German and English. The recordings of the presentations will also be available so that the program can be accessed 24/2.

In addition to the live stream, we are offering webinars and online meetups (without simultaneous translation) on both days of the event on

Wednesday, 19.10.2022
E-Learning made by MTM: MTM-1® Base, MTM-UAS® and company specific [EN]
Meet the members of User Group MTM-HWD® / EAWS® [DE/EN]
Thursday, 20.10.2022
MTMmotion® – Generation of MTM analyses based on automatically determined motion data [DE/EN]
Planning and implementation of efficient and ergonomic assembly workstations – best practice at SIKO GmbH [DE]
TiCon for Web – Capture and manage time data in the cloud [DE]
Use cases for the future use of AI technologies in TiCon [DE]
Use of TiCon in MTM trainings [DE/EN]
MTM-Easy®: Time determination made easy [DE]
The international partner network One-MTM: How to participate in the training certified by MTM ASSOCIATION e. V. [DE/EN]
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schlund
University professor @TU Wien

Lean was yesterday, what is the future of work design? I rely on adaptive work systems as an answer to this question!

Harald Bauer
Team Lead Visual Computing @Profactor GmbH

Camera technology and AI-based software help to more efficiently analyze human movements in space and time and to recognize relevant actions, and thus more efficient MTM / ergonomics or general workplace analysis.

Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang

MTM and Lean are a dream team when it comes to calculating potential improvements in the work system well in advance.

Ralf Volkmer
Networker @Lean Knowledge Base

Unfortunately, there is still a widespread opinion that lean transformations can be planned and controlled like a software update. Organizations are socio-technical systems whose elements cannot be predicted and certainly cannot be mapped in methods.

Herwig Weidle
Division Director of Software Development @Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH

The new MTM cloud products TiCon for Web and MTMmotion® – approved by MTM ASSOCIATION pave the way for the future of MTM applications.

Florian Walter
Industrial Engineering @Siemens AG

Automatic generation of MTM-HWD® analyses with information from the digital twin reduce the effort involved in production planning.

Johann Exenberger
Consultant work and time study @STIHL Tirol GmbH

We are the first company in the world to receive the “approved by MTM ASSOCIATION” seal of approval.

Monika Herbstrith-Lappe
Founder & Managing Partner @Impuls & Wirkung – Herbstrith Management Consulting GmbH

Our world of upheavals urgently needs more confidence. How does our brain react to uncertainty? How can we still control our emotions? What does it take to move us & other people towards a joyful future?

Jens Rauschenbach
Head of Standards / Methods of Value Added Production System and Industrial Engineering @BMW AG

A standardized application of the MTM method for the evaluation of all processes in all technologies is the necessary prerequisite for efficient and consistent personnel requirements planning.

Dr. Johannes Pohl
Managing Partner @PEOPEX GmbH

Where does the company stand in terms of lean, what potential for improvement and low hanging fruits are there and how do they affect the income statement? In the area of assembly, MTM-Easy® can help to get reliable figures quickly and efficiently.

Dr. Andreas Argubi-Wollesen
Head of Biomechanics @exoIQ GmbH

High levels of physical stress in the workplace are the main driver for the development of musculoskeletal disorders among employees. Active exoskeletons, with their extensive customization options to individual resources and work-specific environmental factors, are a modern and promising approach to improving workplace ergonomics and reducing stress.

Michael Mohren
Michael Mohren
Process planning manager @DEHN SE

Shorter product cycles demand faster and more flexible planning processes for manual and automated work systems. This is why DEHN SE combines value stream design with virtual reality (VR) and MTM methods.

Stephan Meyer
Business Analyst / Requirement Engineer @Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH

Automatic generation of MTM-HWD analyses with information from the digital twin reduces production planning workload.


The MTM SUMMIT 2021 is planned as a hybrid event. Online tickets are still available until 20.10.2021; unfortunately, the contingent of presence tickets has already been exhausted. The background to this is the Corona rules in force at the Hamburg venue and the associated restrictions on site.

NO – not automatically. To attend MTM SUMMIT 2021, you must purchase a ticket in the ticket section at Currently, we offer 2 types of online tickets: the NEWCOMER ticket and the 24/2 ticket, both tickets for virtual participation in the event. The NEWCOMER ticket gives you free access to the day’s keynotes. With the 24/2 ticket you have access to all presentations and the entire social program such as Marketplace and Chat around the clock.


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